Why Your Dog Will Love Us

While your pet lounges at our facility, he will be stimulated with bright colors, scientifically-produced music for dogs, toys and all the comforts of home – not to mention other dogs of similar size and temperament to socialize within group sessions. Each dog in our care receives playtime and one-on-one time with one of our experienced handlers, mini-massages, time outdoors in our fenced potty area with K-9 grass, and walks to the park at least once a day. Throughout the day our handlers will work with your dog using positive-reinforcement training techniques to learn basic commands or to iron-out undesirable behaviors. Our mission is to smother our dogs with care, attention and engagement so that they go home a “better” dog than when they arrived. We do our best to make sure all dogs go home ready to snooze with smiles of contentment on their furry faces. Your dog says it all when they make a b-line to our front door on return!